“Cherish is a woman of action” 

                                                                                        - PETER W.


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1.     Honest and expert counsel - Cherish offers a detailed opinion to market value and right pricing in order to achieve the strongest market response and highest possible sales price.

2.     Best practices - Focused attention on property preparation and staging that will make your property POP. This engages buyers and agents where they see your home first – online, in ads, mail pieces, brochures, etc - and effectively getting the real estate community and potential purchasers excited and at the property. 

3.     I invest - Upfront, Cherish provides professional photography, comprehensive digital marketing, gorgeous promotional print materials, direct mail and other buyer and broker advertising campaigns to:

  • Reach every potential buyer and every agent who might have a buyer,

  • Make a compelling impression

  • Create a sense of immediacy to act quickly and make strong offers.

4.     Aggressive and effective negotiation strategies -  Cherish's strength in negotiating top dollar for her clients leads to tens if not thousands of dollars higher in sale over list price.

5.     Proactive buyer qualifying - Deals stay together when the proper vetting of the purchaser is accomplished.   

6.      Tight transaction management - Thorough organization minimizes unpleasant surprises, provides for proper pre-sale disclosure management, reduces future liability and ultimately leads to a smooth transaction and pleasant close of escrow. 

In what is typically one of the largest financial transactions of one’s life, the choice of agent to represent you can make an enormous difference in the result.  It’s not how much you pay an agent: it’s always how good your agent is at maximizing your proceeds of sale.